9 Basic Makeup Tips For Looking Good in 5 Minutes


  1. Look after your skin: For makeup, the most important thing is the skin, so my advice is that you take care of it: exfoliate, moisturize and protect it, so you will not have to wear heavy foundation and concealers to cover imperfections
  2. Corrector: Before to go outside need to do not forget to apply corrector, as it will help you improve your appearance. You can show signs of tiredness, fatigue, dark circles and small imperfections on the skin. You need to use one in a lighter shade than the base makeup. Once you apply, you need to even it with the help of your fingertips.
  3. Base makeup: Is essential to make your skin look the same color, also to hide some imperfections and especially for you to give birth to your face. I recommend you use a base that is similar to the color of your skin, because this way you will look super natural. At this time of year when it’s hot and we sweat, we recommend a BB Cream or CC Cream, which are moisturizers with color, quite effectively when filled.
  4. Translucent powder: Nobody likes to have a very bright face, so apply yourself a layer of dust will help ensure. Do you know why the dust is also a staple of this routine five minutes? Because it helps to set the concealer properly and makeup.
  5. Eye shadows in warm colors, tones and coffee, bronze to the ‘nude’ become an excellent option for a ‘look’ natural. For the color is balanced, apply with the aid of a brush. Remember that light colors will light your eyes. Do not forget a good blur!
  6. Mascara: In sexy and striking eyes, cannot miss the mask. It uses two layers, both the lower and upper eyelashes, because that will give greater expression to your look. The most recommended colors are black, coffee and even brown. Remember, the trick is to create a super natural look.
  7. Enhance lips: If you want to emphasize your lips, the colors used are fuchsia and coral in all ranges. This season the trend-that are matte, so if you choose these tones do not use gloss over.
  8. For toning the skin: If you want to have a tanned look, use toners matte or satin. It is preferable to use them instead of sun exposure, since our skin may darken, dry or even in the worst case have an allergic reaction.
  9. How to light our features: Use illuminators for light. You can apply anywhere on the face, always taking into account the shape of your face. In general all our favor if we apply it in the area of the cheekbones and the arch of the eyebrows.