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Process of building a basement

Basements are under a home and can be fully or partially underground. Besides being the foundation of a house, many homeowners use the basement as living room, exercise room or extra bedroom. While basements are common in the Midwest, parts of the country, such as the Southwest and Pacific Northwest have basements; due to poor…

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Old woodworking hand tools

The art of carpentry has been taught and passed down for generations. The tools have changed, but many of the techniques and methods are still used today in modern carpentry. The tools of carpenters of yesteryear were simple, but let them do the work with amazing accuracy. Hand drill A hand drill is the old…

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Making the plan of bathroom

Create a plan of a bathroom is an important step process of remodeling and design. Ensure you have enough space for all the components you want. It also serves as a guide for the project to reform the bathroom. You can create a simple plan. Some experience in remodeling and home improvements will give you…

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