How much is installing tile floors

Hiring a professional tile installer ensures that your floors are smooth and uniform. The tile has a number of advantages over other types of flooring materials, including ease of maintenance thereof, and durability or strength of the tiles. The cost of installing such floors depends on the type of tile selections and additional fees charged by expert installation.

The cost of the tiles

Cost Helper tells us the difference in cost between the tiles; stone naturally, those of glazed ceramic and terracotta. The tiles are usually the most expensive because more labor in the construction process is required. The manufacturer must break ceramic, glass, or other types of tiles and broken tiles mounted on a large sheet of mesh. The cost ranges from US $ 3 to US $ 25 per foot (0.30 m) square in March 2011, and custom orders can cost thousands of dollars. Natural stone tiles cost about US $ 2 per square foot, although the price may reach higher, especially for granite and marble quantities. Ceramic tiles ranging from US $ 1 per square foot, while porcelain and terracotta tiles, both cost about US $ 2 per square foot in the low range, The cost of any custom work, like colors, makes the price of the tile increase substantially.

Installation costs tiles

According Helper House Flipping, you should expect to pay US $ 4.50 to US $ 7.50 per foot (0.30 m) square from March 2011 to install the tile floor in your house. The installation cost refers only to the labor used to install them. The cost does not include the price charged by other materials used in the workplace. The installer may charge extra for slurry, a board placed on the ground and any other material used for tiling.


If you have a room with an unusual shape, a large number of angles or other special features, then consider paying a higher price for the installation. The cost of labor can be greater than the tile itself. For example, if the installer charges US $ 4.50 per foot (0.30 m) square and tile costs only US $ 2, then the labor costs are more than double the cost of materials. The cost of cutting special parts for the strange features of your home will increase the total cost.

Minimal costs

For smaller spaces, professional installers often charge a flat fee that is not based on the square footage of the room. The installer still have to drive to your house, tile design, install them with grout and generally make the same amount of work. Labor costs are much lower, which causes the installer to lose money. A fixed charge require a minimal cost to the work ensures that the installer does not lose money rate.