How to build a bathroom

If you plan to remodel, maybe what you need is to add a bathroom in addition to your house. This project can add a sweet balance to your house, and a private contractor is not always necessary when you’re making plans for improvements in your condition home. Follow these steps to build a bathroom.


  1. Design the layout of the bathroom you want to build. This you can do it with a graph paper you can buy in the store craft in your neighborhood. If you’re looking for images by computer, you can use interactive design tools low as that found in
  2. Buy a new toilet, a bath tub or shower and a sink with vanity. If you’re looking for a personal touch then you can build a toilet with your own specifications. If you want to combine the pieces, then you buy them all at once. So you have an accurate idea of ​​how they will look together. Do not forget a new floor. The linoleum or tiles work well in a bath because they are practical for moisture.
  3. Install the bathtub or shower first. This will probably be the biggest thing you have to put in the bathroom. This allows you to have the space to evaluate before you continue building the rest of the bathroom.
  4. Place the toilet and installs leaving adequate space around. Be sure to check for possible leaks that are in sight. When the toilet is correctly in place, seal the foundation with caulking.
  5. Add the toilet and the bathroom sink. Be sure the plumbing is properly connected to the sink before sealing the toilet. The dressing should be bolted to the wall for safety. Throw in doors and drawers if necessary.
  6. Place the floor. Linoleum can be cut to fit and glued to plywood floor. If you put tiles, set the pieces in place and cut the tiles that fit the corners and along the walls, Finish adding the grout to set the tiles well together.
  7. Paint the walls with the color of your choice and place decorative genres in the new bathroom. Fresh flowers add a lovely touch for when we show the new bathroom to your friends.