How to build a chain link fence

If you are looking for a quick and durable method for wiring a portion of your yard, try installing a chain link fence. The wire mesh is less insulating compared to vinyl fence or wood, so you can use wire fences to separate areas for pets or children can play. Short wire fences are also used in areas of high traffic to prevent people to walk through the courtyard front of the house.


  1. Mark the two ends of the segment to surround with stakes. Some thread extends from one end to the other to create a reference point that you can use when you dial the rest of the posts.
  2. Measure the length of the rails, using the tape measure. Use this measurement and mark it with stakes in order to place the rest of the posts for the fence. Make a hole in each place where there is a stake using the shovel or excavator posts. The holes should be at least 1/3 the length of your fence posts. Add a few extra inches and check profane eddied gravel in the bottom of the hole to drain.
  3. A bag of concrete mix for each hole, following package directions, Locate one end posts on the first hole. The two extreme poles are wider than the rest of the posts to close, so you should make sure you are installing the correct. Ask an assistant to hold the right post while you miss the concrete into the hole around it. Repeat this step to install the remaining poles near.
  4. Located a tension and a clamp on each of the end posts, The tension should be placed about 10 inches below the top of the pole and clamp should be two inches above this. Hold simple hoods to the two end posts. Subject under the hoods of the rest of the posts to close
  5. Connect one end of the top rail of the fence to the clamp at the first end post. Slide the rail through the frames that are above the poles of the medium. Connect the free end of the top rail with the clamp at the other end post.
  6. Move to one end of the fence and tie the edge of the wire mesh on the tensioner using the bolt. Adjust the bolt with a wrench. Unroll the mesh cyclone along the fence line. Stretch it as tight as possible so there are no lumps. Use a wire tie for every two feet of wire to secure the mesh to the top rail. When you reach the end of the fence, cut the wire mesh with mesh pliers and connected with the tension that is at the end post. Use the wrench to adjust the bolt.

Tips & Warnings

  • See if you can apply for a building permit.
  • Use safety gloves to protect your hands from sharp edges of the wire mesh.