How to build a cheap fence around your garden

To protect your garden, you can simply put a fence to keep out all but the most determined invaders. If you want to protect your plants but do not want to spend much money, coiled cables are an easy and inexpensive solution for inexpensive erect a fence around your garden. Metal poles are recommended, but you can make poles for the fence using branches and suckers on your property if you want to save even more money.


  1. Hit a T-shaped post at each corner of the garden. In addition, placed on each side of the door area, a nearly 4 feet (1.2 m) high fence is suitable for a garden, but you can use longer poles if you want a higher close, The tee posts are relatively inexpensive and last a long time.
  2. Create brackets for corners at each corner and on both sides of the door. Hit a second pole in the form of T on either side of the corner posts for a total of three for each corner, one corner and one on each side of the corner with the aim of forming a right angle. Place them at the distance specified by the corner kit you chose, usually 4 feet (1.2 m) of the main corner post. Strikes a second pole T-shaped on each side of the door posts in a line with the door for a total of four T-shaped posts in the place where the door shall line.
  3. Corners subject to a kit for each T-shaped post placing the support in double corner post and a simple support in each of the support posts according to kit instructions, Place a T-shaped post horizontally as a brake on each side of the corner post to support placing a T-shaped bracket to the corner of each side support post. You must reinforce the door in the same way using simple brackets on each door and support post, a T-shaped post positioned horizontally between the supports. This will give additional critical points of your near resistance. Adjust the height of the supports as required for a good fit.
  4. Hammering a T-shaped post every 15 feet (5 m) along the fence line. If you have a very uneven terrain or large animals that are trying to keep out of the garden, you need to download the distance to be every 8 or 10 feet (2.4 to 3 m) to give more strength to the fence. Keep all T-shaped poles rotated in the same direction, with the “caps” of the posts pointing out the garden.
  5. Place the roll of fencing on one side of the door on the outside of the garden. Place a stone or other weight on the end of the fence along the fence line until you reach the corner.
  6. For the fence and secure with clips to the first post in T. Ensures Extruder near a tree or vehicle and pulls the fence so that it is taut from the door to the corner. Hold the near each post using three to five clips per post.
  7. Unroll the fence along the near side of the garden and repeat the drawing process and held the fence. Do this on all sides of the garden until you get back to the door. Cut the fence so as not covering the door and secure with clips to the door post.
  8. Hanging the door holding the pole hanging T-shaped on one side of the door opening, and then places the door in its hinges. This completes the installation of the fence.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use wire fences graduates to keep out small animals like rabbits and dogs.
  • Be careful when you are installing the fence so you will not tweak or hit with a hammer. Do not stretch the fence more or can damage it.