How to build a wooden fence to the measure

Fences are an important part of any property, especially if you have small children or pets. A well-built fence can enhance the look of your home and at the same time, keep your family safe. Resistant fences are especially important around pools or other potential hazards. These, on the other hand, can be kept low, if you want a cozy look, or be built above prying eyes. Check with your neighbors before building one to avoid misunderstandings about the limits of ownership.


Build the frame

  1. Placed on the floor for the first metal tip 24 inches that you want to start your fence post, To avoid denting the sides placed a solid piece of wood on top of it, and then place the unit firmly on the floor with a hammer, hitting just enough to get the unit to penetrate. Put the tips in the fully upright position.
  2. It is 8 feet from this point along the length of the fence and introduces another metal tip. Continue to do this throughout your nearby matching the ends to the poles form a straight line. If the length in feet is not divisible by 8 is better to post tips closer rather than further, for maximum resistance. For example, if the length is about 28 feet (0.71 m), places five poles to 7 feet (0.18 m) away from each other, instead of 4 with a mutual distance of 9 feet (0.23 m).
  3. Place the posts in the frames at the top of the pole tips and set the frames around them. Put totally vertical posts.
  4. Screw the lower crosshead between the first and second posts. Do it 1 foot (0.3 m) above the ground and level. The spreader should extend to the outside of the near post, but only half of the second post, as the next run into the crosshead.
  5. Screw the upper crosspiece about 1 foot below where will be the top of the pickets. You want that the posts 6 inches (0.15 m) extend over the tops of the pickets, so crosshead placed 18 inches (0.46 m) below the tops of the posts. The fact that the posts extend above the pickets adds an attractive accent to the fence.
  6. Adjust the verticality of the posts go by screwing the spreaders to the posts. The posts must be vertical. Hold a level on one side of them and place them vertically as connect the spreaders.

Install pickets

  1. Place your pickets in your garden for several days before installation; this will allow them to shrink and reduce the space between them in the near completion.
  2. Screw the first needle so that its outer edge is flush with the outer edge of your first post. The picket is screwed into the bar to the front post and the back of the pickets are separated by the width of the cross. Place two screws at the top and two screws on the bottom, about 1 inch (0.03 m) from the edge of the pole.
  3. Leave a space of 4 to 6 inches (0.1 to 0.15 m) from the bottom of the pole and the ground, to minimize moisture and putrefaction.
  4. Screw all the pickets as you did the first one, placing them on the fly right next to each other. Periodically reviews the sides of pickets with a level to make sure they are vertical.
  5. Trace with the help of a drawing pen along a line of pickets, 1 inch (0.3 m) below about the top. Make a horizontal straight line.
  6. Using a circular saw, cut, at this point, the pickets to leave a horizontal stop

Tips & Warnings

  • Get a friend to help you help facilitate some steps in this project.
  • The tops are much easier to install than dig holes and set the posts in concrete, although the latter method will give you a stronger close.