How to build a wooden frame for the roof?

The frames come in a variety of different shapes and sizes depending on the type of construction of the roof. The frames can be assembled gable roof sloping ceilings, vaulted or attic. A residential roof frame can be between 4.5 and 15 m. The size of a frame depends on the length and height, or magnitude of the roof inclination and flown addition if necessary. Due to new technologies and ease of assembly and use, most new homes are built with frames.


  1. Find a large open area outside. The roof frame is constructed lying. When completed, it tilts up and secured on the roof.
  2. Prepare a table saw. Most wood frame 2 by 4 to the roof will have to be cut to size. Once the wood, cut it off all at once to have it ready for construction.
  3. Place a piece of wood of 3.80 cm x 10 cm x 7.31 m lower strap as your frame. Make a triangle with two pieces of 5.48 m, 3.8 wooden 10 cm; join at the top end and protruding 15 cm above the lower edges of the lower strap.
  4. Set the upper straps in the tip with a triangular metal reinforcement and fixed the lower ends of the upper to the lower strut with triangular metal reinforcements both straps. Use small nails to fix the reinforcements to the wood.
  5. Preparing two substrates of 2.13 m long, the supports are pieces of wood, 3.8 10 cm, located between the upper and lower straps for support. Connecting the upper ends of the two supports to the tip using nails fixed to 8cm angles. Joins the lower ends of the two supports dividing the lower leg into thirds. Use triangular reinforcements to secure the brackets to the bottom tie.
  6. Cut two more supports both 91 cm long. Place the bottom of these supports the same triangular reinforcement of the lower strut to the longer supports are already subject, and attach them to the center of the upper straps, one on each side.