How to calculate how much concrete is needed to build columns

If you’re looking to give an elegant touch outside of your home, look no further Stir in columns. They are a terrific way to decorate without spending too much time or money. You can customize them any way you want and will give any home an interesting new look. Learn how to calculate how much you need to build your own concrete columns.

How to calculate the amount of concrete for columns

  1. Divide the columns you want to build in parts. For example, it could be an entire structure cylindrical or cylinder with a box on top where the roof supports. Determines the actions of each of these parts, height, width and length.
  2. Calculate the volume of each part. For a cylinder, one of the most common ways for a cement column, using the formula of “Pi height squared”. This means you must take the number Pi, multiplied by the radius squared of your column and then by its height.
  3. Add the volume of the remaining forms to obtain the total volume of the column. You will have to convert this number in cubic yards. If you calculate the volume in inches, divide the result by 12 to convert to feet. Then divide that result by 27 to get it in cubic yards.
  4. Use calculator concrete columns to check your answer. A link to this can be found in the “Resources” section below. Enter the height and diameter of the column and click on “Calculate”. The calculator will tell you the amount of cubic yards you need for your project.
  5. Use calculators “wall blocks” and “concrete volume” plus calculator columns, to determine the amount of concrete needed if your project does not have a cylindrical shape.