Types of fences to home

If you are planning to put up a fence, you have many options to choose from. But first, according to the site web of Bob Vila, you must know what you want to accomplish with your near: protect, divide a large area, provide privacy or simply for their beauty, and then we will know what you can afford. Also, you should find out about the laws in your area fencing. Having done all this, it comes the fun part … choose the style, materials and details.


A privacy fence will have at least 6-7 feet (1.8 to 2.1 m) high and completely block the view, both from within and from without. Usually they made of vertical boards that fit perfectly together. For example, a high palisade fence, pointed with their boards, shouts: “Do Not Enter”. You see those with a woven basket style less often.

These are assembled horizontally interweaving long tables inside and outside vertical posts. While it is considered a privacy fence, you’ll see through the small openings if you stand close to it. Privacy bars are made of many materials, including cedar, pine, bamboo, aluminum, vinyl, cinder blocks, and simulated stone masonry.


Many fences come into the category of semi-private. Lattice panels pass between poles to provide partial privacy. Choose panels having diagonal strips, so that the holes between the slats have a diamond shape, or choose to be ready in a vertical and horizontal array, so that the holes are square. Obviously, small holes give more privacy than the larger holes.

You can also opt for a chain grate industrial look, with thick wires crossed and a lower sharp part. By itself it is not a semi-private gate, but you can buy strips of privacy that come comfortably between the wires of a chain-link fence. They come in many colors and materials, including fabric, vinyl, aluminum and even “hedge” which look like the branches of an artificial Christmas tree.


Decorative bars can be of any design, color, height, etc. you want. For example, the traditional picket fence is made of white painted wood less than 4 feet (1.2 m) tall, with narrow vertical boards (spiked at the top) and wider than the same table spaces. But you can paint it any color or buy prefabricated sections made with colored vinyl, make it taller with wider boards than usual (with rounded peaks or flat) and place the wider boards closer together.

The choice is yours. Wrought iron bars are extremely strong, although with swirls and watermarks can be almost like rope. While there are modern iron fences available, they can be rescued authentic antiques at flea markets, Yard Sales County and antique shops. It incorporates bars in a red brick wall or white stucco to give your garden a touch of refined grace.

Animal Control

If you have the need to keep animals away from your property, you can build fences specially designed to keep them safely away. For example, deer fences are high green plastic mesh that is durable enough to discourage a curious deer on their way, but weak enough to break when pressure is applied. On the other hand, you may need to keep some animals in your home and not outside. Use paneled wooden lattice to build a hutch to keep your bunnies where they belong.