Types of woodworking tools

The types of tools used in carpentry can be classified by the specific work for the group of tools is used. In woodworking, tools are used to cut, measure, secured in place temporarily, permanently adjust and carving. Many tools are offered as tools in two hands and power tools.


The first step in any woodworking project is to measure the pieces of wood that can be cut; several tools can be used to measure the wood. A measuring tape and framing square are the two most common tools for measuring wood; the squad is used to measure and finally to cut even at angles of 90 degrees. Chalk lines and square carpenter pencils are also used to measure the wood to cut.


Cut the wood pieces according to measures is the next step on a woodworking project. Several saws hand and power are made ​​to cut wood. There saws made ​​to cut circles in the center of wood pieces to cut corners on the edges of the slabs of wood and wavy edges.


Many woodworking tools are used to secure pieces of wood in place temporarily to make wood easier to permanently adjust. Wood adhesives, clamps, clips and screws bank are examples of tools to secure. The special wooden tape can also ensure wood pieces temporarily until they can be permanently adjusted.


Hammers, nails, screws, screwdriver, clamps, staple guns, hammers and tacks are examples of woodworking tools to secure wooden parts together permanently. There fastening tools both handheld and power. Fastening tools not only permanently attached pieces of wood, but also set other objects as handles and hinges to a piece of wood.


Carving tools shape the pieces of wood, either to draw designs on the surface of a piece of wood or to shape and smooth wood. Sandpaper, files, chisels and drills electronic sanding are examples of some of the tools used in carpentry carving. Carving tools are any tools that alter the surface of the wood uncut.

Woodworking tools multi-purpose

Drills are an example of a multi-purpose tool used in carpentry. The bores can be set with different bits that make useful hole in different applications. The drill holes can be cut by pieces of wood, screws and remove or secure carved on the surface of a piece of wood.


Many woodworking tools, including those used for cutting, should be used with care to avoid injury to persons using the tool.