Using a bidet in the bathroom

If you live in America, you may be unfamiliar with a bidet or how to use it, however in other countries, bathrooms with often a bidet next to the toilet. A bidet serves as a sink for cleaning the genitals or part back after using the toilet. It looks like a low sink or source of water and includes a pipe or a jet with taps to adjust the water temperature. Try to use a bidet when you’re in a country where it is common use. You can also install a bidet in your own bathroom in your home.


  1. Sit on the bidet. You can do the taps facing or back, depending on what you is most comfortable or the part of your body you want to rinse.
  2. Open water and adjusts the temperature before rinsing. A hot or warm rinse is ideal.
  3. Rinse thoroughly your genitals and / or the rear. You can use soap if desired. Turn off the water when finished.
  4. Get up and dry off. Be sure to use a washcloth, towel or paper to serve this case instead of using a hand towel.
  5. Wash your hands in the sink and dry them as usual after using the bathroom.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some have an adjustable bidet as a handheld shower head nozzle.
  • Be sure to test the water temperature before rinsing sensitive areas of your body.