Using the flue of the chimney

A flue is the channel in which channels the smoke and can dissipate through an opening in the roof. When enjoying a fire in your home, you should have an open fireplace to allow the carbon monoxide exhaust. The damper, which is a couple of doors from steel connected by hinges, controls the opening and closing the flue. To prevent heat from escaping into the home, short cushion for cirri the tube when the fire is completely extinguished.


  1. Take the throttle lever, which is generally made of iron or heavy steel and extends downward from inside the chimney.
  2. Move the lever forward and push up to lift gate doors and open the flue.
  3. Pull the lever so that the doors remain open regulator. Look at the fireplace to see serrated teeth above the doors into the groove of the handle.
  4. Lights and enjoy a fire in your home.
  5. Take the handle of a regulator when the fire is out completely and the stove is cool and pushes upward and inward to release the doors of the serrated teeth of the chimney. Pull the handle down to close the tube and prevent heat loss through the chimney.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always check that the chimney is open and clear before making a fire.