What are the cheapest materials for a fence?

Good fences make good neighbors. However, adding a fence can impact on a budget family limited. With creativity, research and a little effort, you may find that a fence durable and lovely is not out of reach. Cheapest fences are made ​​from inexpensive materials that you can install on your own. Some of these materials, which do not cost a eye of the face are natural, recycled or manufactured and require minimal effort.

Close to nature

The use of hedges as fences is not new, dating from the sixteenth century. The hedgerows of the same species form good fences and also offer protection against soil erosion. Planting shrubs require much effort. You need to research about native plants, to find the best option and determine the final size of adult plants, to decide how much you need to fill the space.

The best source for this information is a local nursery. The fence will not appear on the overnight, so look for fast-growing plants that fill the area as soon as possible. Save time and water during the rainy season planting. You need to spend some time over the weekend for routine maintenance of your “close”, but last forever.

Close recycled

Rusty iron fences with climbing vines planted under the fences are durable and low maintenance. According to the Education Project Green Zones, children can build a greenhouse from two-liter plastic bottles, with minimal supervision. The structure used for walls is valid for a fence. To build a fence, you can also use discarded pallets and wood free.

Pallets assembled with nails and a hammer. You can treat or paint pallets according to your preferences, but Clay Sawyer “Backwoods Magazine” recommends using a preservative in their “dirty end”. According to Mr. Sawyer, strength and appearance of well-built platforms near compete with any near expensive.

Near manufactured

The wire mesh with vinyl siding is more durable and economical to build a wire fence material. You can install it yourself with an electric stapler and costs less than vinyl fences, though not as aesthetic and durable. Eventually, the product is oxidized despite vinyl siding. The material of wire mesh fencing is economical, but installation is expensive. You can install it yourself, but you need specific tools. Repairs can be costly. “Build a Fence Cheap” holding a chain link fence is only aesthetic and durable than a wire mesh with vinyl siding.