What colors combined with a gray floor bathroom

Redecorate and outline colors of any room includes using colors based for the most expensive areas of the environment. In a bathroom, choose neutral or easy options to combine with soil helps make the atmosphere is open to a variety of color choices Color for decoration. Gray tiled floors work well in both large and small areas and allow use several complementary colors.


Blue, from pale blue to a rich and strong royal blue, can be combined well with gray floors when they are used sparingly. Blue is a calming color, as is associated with water, is a good choice when selecting colors for a bathroom. To work around a gray floor tiles, keep the use of the blue to a minimum and use it to accent areas and parts.

For example, use or silvery gray robes hanging in silver with blue towel hangers but for a touch of color, use a shower curtain that has strips and contains both grays and blues. Other ways to use blue in the bathroom is to place candles of this color with silver plates, hang a picture nautical wear blue on one side and consider adding a border to the wall with blue gray or white wall.


For a bathroom look more modern and progressive, using shades of purple and plum, lilac and deep to match the gray floor tiles violet. A plum on the gray carpet tiles can create a nice contrast between the two tones. Use a deep, rich plum for the shower curtain or window. Use a dark tone and then a supplement with a lighter shade of purple to accent pieces and places. Towels clear plum fixtures in strong colors and even wall paint will make the room come alive. If you use a lot of color, takes the gray soil with sconces and shelves for towels, toilet paper and hook the light fixtures in silver or nickel to combine with gray tiles.


Although not all shades of green are transmitted either to use in decorating the bathrooms, more muted tones like green sap works quite well in an area that is meant to keep the peace after a busy day. On the gray tile, use a dark shade of green sap to the carpet. Continues to emphasize the room with the green sap in objects like towels, shower curtain and blinds, add more decorative accent to fit your style pieces, your needs and your budget for decoration.


Gray, especially the lighter, tiles combine well with pink. Although there are better in a female toilet, the contrast between gray neutral or more off well with several shades of pink, crimson including pink, pale pink shade and even flowers. A pink carpet on gray tiles works well and a textured carpet adds appeal. Pink towels, candles and wall hangers for in this color colors together even more. To balance the bathroom and avoid make everything pink under the ground, opt for gray or silver curtains, like windows, and even covers for the plugs.

White and black

With the average gray line associated with white and black, decorate around a gray tiled floor opens the door to create a solid and modern feel if you use black and white decor. On the gray floor, the carpets in solid black or black with white prints combine well. To keep the subject in black and white, looking towels in solid shades of black, white or gray, add additional accessories like soap dishes, toothbrush glasses, and tissues boxes in colors like pewter or polished to highlight the strength of black and white united in nickel gray floor. A simple photograph in black and white with a silvery white black frame, or, provides an easy art to hang on the wall option.