How acoustically isolate a room with little money

You could spend a lot of money for completely remodel your room, but the sound insulation does not have to be expensive. Many people have studies recording, broadcasting and you need a room that is acoustically insulated to reduce the noise from the rest of the house .


  1. Choose the right room. If you have the option to choose which acoustically isolated room, which is used in the floor above (if you have more than one floor), because it is difficult to isolate the ceiling, Choose a room that is as far away from the noise and appliances. If the walls of the room are not finished, as in a garage, adds insulation and plasterboard.
  2. Clear the room. Remove all wall hangings with furniture that are not essential. Sound travels best on flat surfaces and removing tables, libraries or cupboards. If the room has a closet, decide whether you prefer isolate doors or if you want to get them out and insulate the walls of the closet.
  3. Carpet the floor and ceiling. The thick wool rug is an ideal sound absorber. Unfortunately, you have to walk across the floor so this will have to stay even. The floor and ceiling must be the only flat surfaces of your room.
  4. Cover all windows with cardboard (or fiberglass). If possible, use fiberglass or plasterboard on the windows.
  5. Remove all flat surfaces and replace them with irregular surfaces. To do so, applies carpet walls waveform.
  6. Catch more sound waves. If you have the time and resources, short carpet squares of the same size (6 inches [15 cm] is fine), and cut square cardboard the same size and cover with carpet. Engram the square to the protruding wall of the room, If the walls of mini carpets are located close enough together, the sound will bounce between the walls and dissipate.
  7. Acoustically isolates the door. It covers the inside of the door mat (leaves room for the knob), and applies until the door weather-strip fit as much as possible to the frame.

Tips & Warnings

  • Buy pieces of carpet, or ask friends and families carpets that are to replace.
  • If you have the money, added to the fiber glass wall plates between the drywall and insulation.
  • If you get a completely quiet room (as have many physics departments of the university), the floor will be uneven with glued pieces of carpet and a walkway suspended above the floor mesh.
  • You can also apply acoustic foam on the walls, but it is expensive.
  • Sound insulation is not pretty, so warns family or roommates before attempting to do so.